Austin Vidss:)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday April 12th :)

This is just for funn! So Yay for those who got Austins song downloaded, and for those who didn't it should be available on his website sometime today! Don't worry:) Austins new vid, he looks pretty hott in it doesn't he. Austin when you read this SMILE MORE :) pleaseee! no on can get enough, lol you might just have to take a vid, of you just smiling to make us all happy <3 anyway... Bye!
                                                                                                                           Mrs.Mahomie :)

Soo cute! ^^ Website 4 music download is above Austins head:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday April 10th 2011 :)

So we just recently found out that Austin is getting homeschooled! YAY! He is going to be spending a lot more time with us now! Also today we found out he has some stickers in his store arriving soon! Awesome! Post them on anything there cute!! I am putting stickers on my car and folders just trying to spread the word out about this amazing singer named Austin Mahone. 

Austin we all <3 your smile btdubbs:)